Whether you’re a small, mid or large size MedTech Company, avanmed’s marketing services and software can help you structure and maximize your medical device online marketing strategy. 
avanmed is driven by results. Our experience ranges from creating small controlled campaigns for clinical trials to international campaigns in multiple languages, while monitoring and tracking every step of the way.
Solutions for your network of physicians

We help your network of physicians effectively market your devices online.

Through the avanmed platform, we help your network of physicians effectively market your devices online. We understand patient search patterns and build campaigns to reach patients who can benefit from your medical devices.

Our campaigns drive traffic to dedicated landing pages that highlight the benefits of your products, comparison, testimonials, and connect patients with doctors in your network. 

Drive leads directly to your network of physicians through controlled campaigns for a specific local region, nationwide or international; all centrally managed by us.

Through our platform, you will have real-time access to gain insights and online market information for your group of physicians, product segments and regions.

Solutions to directly market your products and services

avanmed helps you grow your direct sales channel.

We create customized solutions to market your products and services online to hospitals and healthcare providers, helping you increase direct sales and revenue. 

We work with you to understand your products & services and identify your customers’ search patterns. 

Next, we create marketing content to attract your customers, build customized ads and personalized landing pages that drive leads to your sales center. 

Campaigns can run locally, internationally and in multiple languages. With every step of the way managed by avanmed.

Customized Solutions

avanmed helps you build a digital marketing strategy tailored for your company, products, and affiliates. 

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