Should We Pause the Marketing Campaigns for Our Practice?

Many healthcare providers wonder this during COVID-19

To pause or not to pause our marketing campaigns until the end of the pandemic? Avanmed says “It depends on your practice!” Continue reading for our expert take on this common question. Quite a few providers have been forced to close their doors, however now is the time to capture a larger market share if you’re able to stay open.

If your practice is open:

“A recent survey found that over 50% of medical practices have completely closed their doors to clinic patients. Those that are able to stay open have an opportunity to steal market share from their competitors. The opportunity becomes even greater if you are able to offer patients both clinic and telehealth appointments.”

Investing in both Facebook & Google ads engage potential patients and communicates the message that your practice is still open! Make sure that the message in your ads specifically calls out the fact that you are open and your competitors are closed.

We recommend continuing to fund other efficient marketing channels including organic search in videos, infomercials, website blogs, directories such as Google Maps, email marketing, and social media. These channels are extremely efficient at capturing new patients- progress can be hindered if they are paused.

Target your referral sources with Facebook ads marketing that your clinic is open and accepting referrals. This is a goldmine for practices that are remaining open. Many referral sources that are also open and usually refer to a competitor, now have limited options and are willing to change their referral patterns.

If you’re practice is closed:

Continue your marketing efforts but in a reduced capacity with only the most efficient campaigns running. The goal of your campaigns needs to be scheduling patients for future appointments. If no one is answering the phones, and you don’t have an online scheduling system, we recommend using the Avanmed platform as it has a softphone feature you can use remotely to call back any missed calls and form submissions!

For many practices, the most efficient marketing channels are going to be local and online directories such as Google Maps, organic search, Google Adwords, and sponsored Facebook ads.

Our team is devoted to you and we monitor and track your performance against competitors.  Before you pause your campaigns schedule a complimentary call with our experts to look into your positioning, impression share, and ad strategy with our expert team, and we can help!

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